Weddings & Custom Gifts

Custom Candles for Weddings and Events

Weddings & Events

Create memorable events with custom candles. Choose from one of our signature scents or let us create one for your theme. We will create custom orders of our 4 oz. soy wax candles in gold cylinder tins or black bulb tins with customized labels to elevate your guests' experience. 



With a minimum order of 24 candle tins (4 oz each), the price is $6 each, plus a $45 fee for an hour-long Custom Scent Session. 

We also offer custom perfume roller oils (.33 oz roller tubes) for $12 each, with a minimum order of 12 rollers. 

*If you choose a scent from our current selection of pre-made scents, the scent session fee is waived.



Email us at for more information.  

Custom Gifts

Give a unique and memorable gift to your clients or customers. We can create custom candles with your branding. Choose from one of our signature scents or let us create one for your theme. 



Custom options include 4 oz candle tins for $6 each or 10 oz white glass candles for $16 each. We charge $45 for an hour-long Custom Scent Session, or you can choose from one of our pre-made scents to have the fee waived. 

Label & Design Services

You can use your own labels on our products, or we can create labels for you. Our standard label options include 2” circles (paper or glossy) for 4 oz candles. The cost for us to print and apply labels with your design is free. Please send us your label design in a PNG or JPG file.

If you need us to design a label for you, we will use your logo and artwork to create 2–5 design options. The cost for the design services is a one-time fee of $40.

Order Details

Most products are produced within 14–21 days of order payment. Payment must be received prior to shipping, delivery, or pick-up. Invoices and payments are processed online unless other arrangements are made.

If the order requires shipping, the following shipping charges apply:

$21 for standard shipping for candles 

$14 for standard shipping for perfumes 


Email us at to place your order. Please tell us the state  in which you live, how many candles you need for your event, and the date of the event.