Our Story

Every scent tells a story. This is ours. 

About Scent WorkshopWe believe scent should be personal, not mass-produced. We are helping people create beautiful lives with clean, scented products. 

It All Started In Paris...

On a recent trip to Paris, Lindsay Hirth attended a perfuming workshop to learn the fundamentals of blending scents. She had always loved how scents can trigger memories and create specific moods, and she fell in love with the art of perfuming. Lindsay began studying perfuming as well as creating candles and body goods in her kitchen and giving them as gifts. 

She wanted to share her passion for clean products and connect others with the creative process of playing with wax and oils. What began as a candle-making party in her kitchen with friends turned into an idea to host workshops. 

The business originally launched in October 2018 as Bloom Anthology. The business re-launched in September 2019 as Scent Workshop.

Scent Workshop is a creative studio where people can attend workshops to learn the art of perfuming. Friends and wine are welcome at this pour party as we create custom candles, lotions, and perfumes. 

Giving Back 

We believe in empowering people to lead beautiful lives. As such, Scent Workshop is donating a portion of every purchase to provide micro-loans to women entrepreneurs through Kiva. To date, the company has invested in 45 women-owned business around the world. 

About the Staff

Lindsay Hirth lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with her two children and husband. In 2015, she and her sister, Kelli Byers, launched SocietyB.com––a charitable online boutique of goods that give back. While she splits her time between the two businesses, she never misses a chance to have a latte or a dance party with her kids.

Brianne Van Hemert, owner of Scent Workshop Galena, worked for over a decade as a tech recruiter in Chicago. A longtime friend of Lindsay's, she fell in love with candle-making after getting a candle kit for her daughters. She recently moved her family to Galena, where she married her husband years ago, and she started the 2nd location of Scent Workshop, which opened in October 2020.