Q: Do you have a tutorial video for the candle kits? 

A: Yes! Click here. (It was filmed during quarantine, without a proper videographer; please forgive its simplicity.)  


Q: Do the candle kits require any other tools or equipment to make the candles? 

A: You need something to melt and mix the wax in, such as a glass measuring cup (32 oz.) or the metal pour pitcher we sell here.  

We recommend that you use a candy or meat thermometer to monitor the temperature of the wax and a digital kitchen scale for measuring the weight of wax and fragrance. These items are not included in the kits. The scale is mostly needed if you plan to blend fragrances in an intricate manner. 

We also recommend heating your wax pitcher on an electric griddle. (Set it to 300-350 degrees F, and it should take 15 minutes to melt 8 oz. of wax or 20 minutes to melt 16 oz. of wax to the appropriate temperature. Then let it cool for 15 minutes before adding the fragrance.)

But if you don't have a griddle, simply put a saute pan on the stovetop, add an inch or two of water, then place your wax pitcher in the pan. (To be clear, do not add the water to the wax.) Set the temp to medium-high. The water helps to prevent the wax from scorching. 


Q: What if I don't like the scents in the kit? 

A:  We get it. Scent is subjective, and not everyone likes the same smells. You can return your whole kit if it has been unused. We'd rather refund your purchase than have you keep something you don't love. (Shipping for returned items is not reimbursed or refunded by the company.) 

Part of our ability to offer the kits in a cost-effective way is the curation of the scents. We've tested thousands of scents to provide the best-performing scents that we feel are the most representative of the scent names. But we understand the risk of buying scents online. This is why we offer more oil than you need for each kit. The scents in the kits are designed to be used on their own or blended to customize the scents. 

To get a refund, simply send your unused kit back to us at: 

Scent Workshop 
5603-B West Friendly Ave. 
Greensboro, NC  27410


Q: What if my kit is missing something, like wicks or a stir stick? 

A: Oops! We're truly sorry for the inconvenience. We make mistakes sometimes. Please email us at, and we'll send you the missing items as soon as possible. 


Q: What if I really love one or two fragrances in my kit and want to make a bunch of candles using just those scents?

A: When we release Refill Kits later this summer, we will include the option of purchasing items a la carte. For example, you'll be able to purchase the amount of wax, wicks, and specific fragrances you'd like.


Q: I have a great brand idea. What if I want to sell my signature scented candle or perfume?  

A: We can help you! Check out our Wholesale and Collaboration page for more info. 


Q: What if I spill oil or wax on my clothes or counter tops (or other surfaces in my home)?

A: Like many crafts, messes and spills are possible. By using the kits, you assume all responsibility for the risks. We will not reimburse costs for spills, burns, splashes, and other accidents. Please take proper precautions, such as wearing an apron or creating your products on solid surfaces. Place oils and wax-covered tools on paper plates or solid-surface trays. Never use the wax or oil on wood surfaces. 


Q: What should I know about the fragrance oils in the kits? 

A: The fragrance oils we use are all phthalate-free. While our scents are synthetic, so that we can offer a broad range of affordable options, most of our scents include blends of essential oils. The oils in the Perfuming Kits are skin-safe and diluted with low-odor carrier oils to preserve the integrity of the scent.  


Q: What about the wicks and the wax? 

A: The wicks are made of paper and cotton and do not include lead or zinc filaments. Our wax is 100% soy wax made from American soy beans. 


Q: Can I swap out certain scents or return just a few scents from my kit? 

A: No, unfortunately we do not accommodate these requests. We understand that scent is subjective, and ordering scents online includes inherent risk that you might not like them. Because of this, we offer more scents that you need for the candles, which gives you the option of not using one. 


Q: Why candle tins? Can you ship glass containers instead? 

A: Candle tins ship well and provide less breakage risk than glass. But part of our reason for putting tins in the kit is to make the process easier. Candles made in tins are less likely to have imperfections because of the heat held in the tin. 


Q: Can I use different jars that I already have instead of using the candle tins? 

A: Yes, but not with our starter kits. We will soon be releasing Refill Kits that enable you to create candles using containers you have at home. But this requires various sizes of wicks, depending on the size of the container. So please wait until we can give you proper supplies and instructions for this option. 


Q: If I love the scent I create and want the candles made in glass jars to give to my friends and family, can you re-pour them using my recipe? 

A: Yes, we will be offering this option this summer. Hold on to your Scent Notes card until then. 


Q: If I love the perfume scent I make and want a spray-based version, can I order this using my recipe? 

A: Yes, we offer Custom Spray Perfumes. Simply purchase the item here, and email us your recipe.