Private Workshops

Celebrate life's special moments or create one by having a private workshop. 

Private Workshop Details 

During our scent workshops, we teach people the fundamentals of perfuming and aromatherapy to help them feel the way they want to feel. Then, guests create a custom scent using our 50+ fragrance oils, which are all phthalate-free. We then use that scent to create a custom product. 

For private workshops, we require at least 8 people, and our studio holds up to 21 guests. If groups don't have 8 guests, we typically recommend attending one of our public workshops, which are announced here.

We offer the following product packages for private parties, which are discounted from our normal workshop prices:  

For candle workshops, we make the candles for the first hour, but the candles require 45 minutes of cooling time to set before they can be moved. You can use this time for snacks and chatting (or to pop over to Cugino Forno or KAU). 

Once we get the details of your party, we can create a page on our website where the guests can register and pay. Or we can send you an invoice after the event if you prefer to cover the cost. 

You're welcome to bring beverages (including alcohol) and snacks to the workshop. Just be mindful that table space is limited if your group has more than 14 guests. 

Schedule a Private Workshop 

Private workshops are scheduled based on availability of dates. Private workshops are typically available on Monday–Friday from 6:30–8:30pm and Sundays from 2:00–4:00pm. Some Saturday workshops are available for Perfume and Mini Perfume Oil workshops only (no private candle workshops on Saturdays).

To schedule a private workshop, please email us at and tell us about your event.