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Scent Workshop Greensboro - Candle Workshop - Perfume Workshop

Scent should be personal, not mass-produced. Scent Workshop is designed to give you the tools you need to create a signature scent that tells your story. 

Candle & Perfuming Workshops 

Our most popular option is our Candle and Perfuming Workshops. During these 2-hour workshops, we teach you the fundamentals of French perfuming to help you create your own signature scent. Once you create the recipe, we add the fragrance to various media: wax, oil, or perfuming alcohol. We also teach candle-making and show you tricks of the trade as you mix and pour your own candle. 

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Galena, IL - 307 S Main St. (near Kaladi's) 

Greensboro, NC - 3334 W Friendly Ave, #119 (near PF Chang's) 


Open Studio 

At Scent Workshop Greensboro, we host Open Studio time during weekdays (Tues-Thurs from 1-3pm and 4-6pm and Fri from 1-3pm). During Open Studio time, you will learn the fundamentals of perfuming and/or candle-making to create a custom-scented product of your choice. Rather than a formal presentation and tutorial, guests work at their own pace in this informal setting. Plan on each product taking approximately 1 hour to complete; candles require an additional 45 minutes to cool before being moved; they can be picked up after the session, during store hours. 

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Face masks are required at workshops and must be worn for a majority of the workshop. Guests can pull down masks briefly to sniff mixtures or to take sips of beverages. You are welcome to bring beverages and cups, but we do not permit food in our studios at this time (because of the mask situation).