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Custom Candle // Antlers and Astronauts

Custom Candle Project Antlers and Astronauts

At the south end of downtown Greensboro’s Elm Street is a boutique that is as charming as its name: Antlers and Astronauts. This unique shop offers a curated collection of vintage clothing, antiques, and handmade goods from artisans throughout the southeast. It is the brainchild of Alexa Terry Wilde, a North Carolina native who has impeccable taste and an eye for quality. She knows her customers really well and takes great care to offer truly special goods in her boutique. 

Antlers and Astronauts // Downtown Greensboro Boutique

One day, Alexa sent me a message on Instagram that said, “I have an idea.” It sounded like a challenge. Indeed, it was, and I met her at the Bloom Anthology Studio where she proceeded to ask if I could create a custom candle for her Antlers and Astronauts—something that really captured the essence of her brand.

I asked her to tell me the story of the custom scent she imagined. She pondered for a moment and said, “Grandpa’s cabin…old books, a leather chair, pipe tobacco.” She said she wanted it to smell earthy, a bit masculine, and not too sweet. I sketched the scents that came to my mind as she spoke, and I imagined a scent that was cozy, fresh, and familiar…like sitting in a worn leather chair with a blanket and a book and a flannel shirt. 

Custom  Candle Inspo // Antlers and Astronauts
I created several fragrance options for Alexa to try. After spending some time with the scents (and even getting input from her customers), Alexa selected a custom blend of oud wood and amber. She described the scent as “a damp, earthy wood smell.” And it’s intoxicating.

Antlers and Astronauts Candle
But perhaps my favorite review came from one of her customers, who sent Alexa a message that said, “Alexa, I adore this candle!! The scent is cozy on this rainy day, but not lazy-cozy. It’s cozy in a ‘be present and enjoy the day’ way.” I love how Alexa’s scent story is now someone else’s unique scent story.

I also love that we were able to create a one-of-a-kind product right here in Greensboro, specifically for people who shop locally and love one-of-a-kind things.
If you’re in the #DGSO area, please stop by Antlers and Astronauts to check out her latest goods and experience the custom candle with the branded gold label. (But don’t delay, because the first batch was nearly sold out before she could even label the jars!)

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