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The Best Ways to Use Scent in a Home


Did you know there's an art to using scent in a home? Here are the most effective ways to maximize scent and elevate your space. 

1. Consider the Space. In a given room, think about how you want to feel. Your bedroom vibe might be different than your living room or office vibes. Put soothing scents like lavender in a bedroom, and put vibrant or refreshing scents like eucalyptus in your office to help you focus.

Kitchens are a great place to put aromatic or bakery scents, such as basil, rosemary, or sugar cookies, but steer clear of heavy florals or woodsy scents in the kitchen and dining spaces, as this may alter your experience with your food. (Your sense of smell is linked to your sense of taste.) 

2. Consider the Season. Create balance from the elements by bringing the outdoors in or choosing scents that almost balance the temperatures. In the summer months, choose refreshing scents, like fresh florals or oceanic scents. In the winter months, choose cozier scents, like firewood or baked good scents. 

3. Consider the Scent Throw. If you have a small space, like a tiny bathroom or entryway, choose something with a small scent throw, like a small candle or a reed diffuser. Reed diffusers are great because they don't require effort or heat, but their scent throw is limited because of the lack of heat or force. They're noticeable when you walk past them, which makes them perfect for small spaces or those that you breeze past often. (Also, we love to replace reeds with the dried botanicals or wooden/paper flowers available at Trader Joe's.) 

For a larger space, choose a medium to large candle (the bigger the surface area, the bigger the scent throw when lit) or an electric scent diffuser. Both options cast a wider scent experience. And Room Mists are great for linens and pillows, but our favorite way to use them is on bath mats and shower curtains, where heat can naturally give these fabrics a scent boost. 

4. Get Creative. If you have diffuser oils or essential oils handy, their uses are unlimited. We like to put a few drops of oil on wool dryer balls, on the floor mats (or under the seats) of our car, and on cotton balls in our toilet paper holder. 

Tell us your favorite ways to use Scent to make your house a home. Drop a comment below. 

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