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How to Shop for Scents

How to Shop for Scents

Whether you're shopping for yourself or for a gift, online or in-store, finding a meaningful scent can be tricky. Sure, you can often find a scent that smells nice, but there is so much more a scent can do. 

Scents have the power to elevate our mood and our moments. They can make us feel relaxed, strong, brave, sexy, cozy, refreshed, and so much more. Our goal at Scent Workshop is to help make scent more personal. Here is a guide to help you shop for scents with intention, so you can choose the perfect gift for yourself or someone else. 

1) Think about how they live. People often want to feel the opposite of how they live. Nurses and teachers often choose lavender or beachy scents in our workshops, because they want to feel calm amidst the stress of their jobs. New moms often choose scents that are bright and energizing to balance out the lack of rest they get. Outdoorsy guys stuck in office jobs often choose woodsy scents to remind them of that escape they crave. People who live in hot climates often choose scents that refreshing, not cozy. And most people cannot get enough of warm scents that are either sweet or woodsy during the chilly, gray winter months. 

2) Think about how they dress or decorate. Think of scent as a color, and match those colors to your friend's closet or home decor. Here are some examples...A woman came to our workshop in boat shoes, an ivory top, and blue shorts. I asked her if she has coastal decor at home (she does), and she predictably created a sea scented candle. My glam friends who love pink, gold, and neutrals also love Cardigan (with notes of cashmere) and Naked, because they smell fancy and expensive. My friends with Craftsman houses or traditional but cozy decor love House Cologne. My sister, who loves the color green, loves candles with eucalyptus or green tea. And my friend who loves colorful accents in her otherwise neutral house cannot get enough of our Gratitude scent because it's bright and joyful, just like her.  

3) When in doubt, go for seasonal. Scents like pumpkin spice in the fall or fraser fir during the holidays are classics for a reason: they help usher in the mood of the season. So in colder months, look for something warm and cozy or festive. In warmer months, shop for scents that are refreshing. 

4) Go custom, if you can. Of course, we recommend creating your own scents at our workshop for a truly personal scent experience. But if you're not near our workshop, try a Candle or Perfume Kit. Whether you're creating something for you or as a gift, there's nothing more special than a gift that's handmade or personal. Once you create a recipe with our kits, you can also have it remade in spray perfumes or larger candles. 

To help you in this process, we have created a Favorite Gifts section, curated with our best sellers. And the Menu of our website helps you shop by Scent Type or by Feeling. Last, if your gift recipient doesn't love the scent you chose, they can return unused products per our return policy. 

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