Signature Scent Kits

Candle Kit Perfuming Kit

We believe that scents tell stories. We also believe that scent is a powerful tool that can help us feel exactly how we want. We want to give you the tools you need to create a signature scent and use aromatherapy to enhance your life. 

But before you push Add to Cart on a kit because you like the names of the scents, please join us in a little exercise we use in our workshops: 

Now you're ready to shop for a signature scent kit. Check out the options below to see which collection most aligns with how you want to feel. The scents in each collection are curated to create specific moods, which can then be refined by blending. 

Bold Collection 

If confidence or boldness or a little badassery is what you need right now, check out our Bold Collection. These scents are the perfect complement to a black dress, heels, and bold lipstick. They include sassy florals and a few woodsy notes for a balance of feminine and masculine energy. The Candle Kit takes irresistible to a new level with a mix that would be perfect for date night.  

Calm Collection 

Maybe you have a hectic job, and you need to feel calm when you're not working. Or maybe the stress of everyday life has you craving some peace right now. Calm to you means being at the ocean--blues and tans and fresh sea spray. Or maybe your calm is simply the color of purple because it reminds you of the lavender essential oil they use at your yoga classes. The scents in our Calm Collection will promote tranquility and some much-needed zen. 

Cozy Collection 

Do you want to feel comforted or warm and cozy? Does the idea of reaching to light a candle make you feel glowy? Maybe you love candles on rainy days. Or maybe you want the aromatherapy version of comfort food. The scents in our Cozy Collection will warm you up with soft, yummy notes from the Gourmand Accord and a few woodsy notes for balance. 

Joyful Collection 

Perhaps you want to feel energized or vibrant or, quite simply, happy! To you, that means bright and cheery colors...the opposite of a rainy day. You want the smell of sunshine to keep your vibes and your mood lifted. The Joyful Collection is your go-to, with effervescent citrus notes and a few bright florals. 

Refreshed Collection 

Maybe your favorite feeling is that clean and fresh feeling...the feeling of renewal and optimism. To you, that means a summer rainstorm or clean sheet day or that just-out-of-the-shower smell. If your feeling or signature scent had a color, it would be aquamarine or green. The Refreshed Collection will lift your spirits with aquatic and fresh notes that aren't too sweet, frilly, or heavy.  

Romantic Collection 

If you want to add a bit of sensuality and romance to your day, check out our Romantic Collection. The Perfuming Kit is soft and feminine with beautiful florals and some animalistic notes. 


For more information about our kits, please visit our Kit FAQ page.