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Things That Bring Us Joy // Spring Edition

Favorite Things for Spring 2019

One of the keys to self-care is to be aware of things that bring you joy…and then do those things. Lately, I’ve discovered a few things that bring me joy, and I’m sharing them with you in case they interest you. 

Floral Calendar

In this season of blooming, I’m embracing floral everything. (I embrace florals year-round, but they’re especially bringing me joy this time of year.) My calendar from Rifle Paper Co. is one of my new favorite things. I often struggle to keep my schedule organized. I have personal appointments on my phone’s calendar app, work meetings on my work calendar app, business events on another calendar app; I didn’t have one central place where I kept the big events. I found this pretty calendar at Just Be Boutique in downtown Greensboro, and I’ve kept it front and center on my desk ever since. I love that it’s large and displays all my life stuff. And the floral borders just brighten my day. So looking at my schedule, which is normally overwhelming and stress-inducing, actually brings me joy now.

Rifle Paper Co Calendar 

Floral Water Bottle

After I realized how much I loved my calendar, I went down the Rifle Paper Co. rabbit hole—their website. I snatched up this water bottle, and it’s truly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. You see, I’m a soda-drinker. A soda-LOVER. I know it’s bad for my weight, health, and teeth, and yet…sugary, fizzy goodness. But this water bottle was a game-changer. It keeps my water icy for an entire day. (I’m not exaggerating; every morning, as I go to clean and refill the bottle, ice is still in there from the day before.) I love that it has an optional straw. And it’s pink and pretty and floral, so it’s just fun to have around. This water bottle truly helped me break my daily soda habit, and I drink far more water than ever before.

Floral Water Canteen / Rifle Paper Co.

Floral Note Pad

This is my last love note for a Rifle Paper Co. purchase (until I decide which of their rugs to get). But this little note pad is exactly what I needed to help me remember those little life things that I usually recount as I’m trying to get to sleep. This note pad is tiny enough to slip in my bag, apron pockets at the studio, or jeans pockets. And the cover has a little folder pocket where I can stash a note if I had to tear it off the pad. I love little thoughtful design details like that. And the fact that it’s giving my brain a break from making lists is truly bringing me joy.

Floral Note Pad / Rifle Paper Co.  
 Cards…as in stationery

The older I get, the more I want to connect with people. And most of my friends live in the Midwest. I love sending surprise care packages to my friends, so I’ve recently stocked up on special cards from two local businesses that I love. Lane Paper Works has a beautiful collection of inspiring and badass stationery and art prints. I also snatched up a few beautiful letterpress cards at Antlers and Astronauts in downtown Greensboro. And both businesses are owned by fellow female entrepreneurs.

Cards / Antlers and Astronauts

Market Tote

I recently came across the Market Tote Bag and fell in love with its unique, utilitarian design. I decided to pick it up, because I needed a bag that could hold a lot for weekend farmers’ market trips and trips to the beach. This was perfect, because it holds more than 100 lbs. and includes a water-resistant lining. My favorite feature is how it was made—by women in Bangladesh who received fair wages and safe working conditions.

Market Tote

Salicylic Acid 

I believe that people should only be subjected to dealing with wrinkles or acne—never both. But this 40-year-old isn’t that lucky. I’ve finally figured out that salicylic acid is best at beating my occasional blemishes, and I was thrilled when I found this serum for less than $6 at Sephora! I have noticed a huge improvement in my skin texture since using this treatment every night. I wish this product had been around 20 years ago.  

Salicylic Acid - The Ordinary

Armchair Expert Podcast

I’ve always liked Dax Shepard, but mostly just because he’s married to Kristen Bell, whom I adore. It wasn’t until recently that I adored Dax on his own merits, thanks to his podcast. The episodes are long, but they are insightful, honest, curious, and hilarious. (We especially loved the episodes with Gwyneth & Brené.)  

Spring Candles

Of course I’m including candles on this list of things that bring me joy. My daily candle-usage is truly part of my self-care routine. And as the seasons change, so do my scent preferences. I’ve created several new fresh and floral scents lately, and my favorite is one that I’ve aptly/predictably named Spring. I wanted to capture the first blooming scents of Spring. So I blended fresh lilacs with lavender for a bright floral scent that is balanced with the earthy and aromatic aroma. The result is like Spring in a jar. If you’re looking for new Spring scents, check out our candles, or come to a workshop to create your own. 

Spring Candles - Bloom Anthology
What are your favorite finds lately?

Tell us in the comments.


Written by // Lindsay Hirth

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